Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sweet dreams away from home

I have been asked to review this site: Hotel Reservations.

The design is simple and easy to navigate. There's a lot of information on the front page, but without causing a busy impression. The colors are a bit dull, I'd say too much grey. With another background color the site would look more cheerful. Maybe red or green would make a better impression. But grey is okey too, very neutral and professional. Anyway, apart from the colors, I like the design.

Since my first languages are Spanish and Swedish I like the fact that you're able to view the site in Spanish, French, German and Italian as well as in English. I think it is a nice way to treat your international clients, because not everyone abroad feels confident enough to book a hotel room in English. There's also an option to view the page with prices in different currencies (US dollar, euro, Danish kroner, Norvegian kroner, Swedish kronor, Canadian dollar, British pound). That makes booking a lot easier for customers outside of the USA, because then there's no guessing and no disappointment if the trip turns out more expensive than you expected.

They have a wide range of hotels, motels and resorts in many countries, like Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Australia, China, India and Thailand. They also offer special trips, like Bed & Breakfast, condo rentals, beach hotels, family fun, gambling, golf and spa.

Not only do they help you reserve the hotel, they also offer different vacation packages: flight, hotel + car, flight + hotel, hotel + car or flight + car.

There's even a Discount Club membership, which gives you good deals and savings for hotel reservations up to 70% off on many destinations worldwide. All you have to do to join is to sign up for their newsletter, which you can do directly on their website.