Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Blog for money

Yesterday I signed up for a new company, Smorty, since a friend of mine recommended it. So far I really like what I've seen because the user interface is very easy to use and it includes a lot of information on your progress. They basically help different companies advertise on blogs, just like mine.

I really like the idea of getting paid for blogging, because a) I LOVE to blog and I blog almost everyday anyway and b) I need the money so I can pay the university fee. Since it was a friend of mine who told me about this company I trust it to be okey and I'm looking forward to try it out for myself.

It's funny really, only 4 months ago I had no idea you could actually blog for money and now here I am, already writing reviews and earning some money. *lol* I think this is a great way to earn a little extramoney, from your own home, whenever suits you the best. This is a great opportunity for SAHMs, WAHMs and students. I'm really happy I decided to give it a try, because blogging is so much fun, and getting paid to write about different things adds another dimension to blogging, don't you think?