Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The weather is driving me crazy!

Do I live in Malaysia or what?... I've heard that it's a very humid climate in that part of the world, but to tell you the truth - we have the same problem here in the north of Morocco! I guess that's not the idea most people have when they think about Africa. *lol* It's 5 PM and I don't do anything right now, I'm just sitting on my bed blogging and I'm sweating like crazy. Sorry to be so explicit! But it's the truth and it's driving me nuts! According to the weather pixie I have on another blog the humidity level is over 89 % right now. Phew! I guess it's because we live just by the beach, less than 100 meters away from the water. And on the other side of the house we have a river, so we are surrounded by water on two sides and by mountains on the other two.

Between 2 PM and 6 PM most shops and cafés are closed. People stay indoors to watch TV or take a nap. There just isn't anything else to do. And then after 7 PM the temperatures starts to drop a bit so at that time we're able to go outside again. The temperatures are great between 8 PM and 8 AM, so many people tend to stay up half the night...