Monday, 9 July 2007

My first day at work

I survived my first day at work! It was hard and I was sooooo nervous, but it all went rather well. No, actually it didn't. I think it was a complete desaster because we were two teachers and we had only 6 students and ther'y are at completely different levels. Two of them don't understand a single word of Spanish, one of them has studied for several years and only need to practise a little and the other 3 are somewhere in between. How do you do anything useful in such a situation? Well, we didn´t. Or at least I don´t think we did, but the students seemed to be ok with the rather strange situation.

Tomorrow I will have a group of 3 (or more students) with at least a little knowledge of Spanish. It´s going to be an interesting day. *lol*

My kids are taking French so I can work. I can´t afford a baby sitter for 2 hours a day so they have to come with me. Luckily enough there is a French class for kids more or less at the same time and the teacher is a friend of mine so he´ll come to my class to pick my kids up, because my class starts at 9 o´clock this week and his at 10.

Well, I'm really really tired now and I should try to get some sleep. I just have to finish preparing my class for tomorrow and then I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be another day and probably full of new experiences. *lol*

It's over 30 degrees C and its almost midnight. There are lots of kids out in the street playing football. This is really the best time of day, because during the day it's hot and the humidity is over 50 or 60 % so you sweat a lot, no matter what you do. But since I start work at 9 I have to get up before 7 AM and therefore I need to get my beauty sleep. *lol*